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Life Styled

Life Styled


About Us

Life Styled is a luxury concierge service offering Home Styling, Organizing, and Personal Styling.
Life Styled is the result of wonderful conversation between spouses, over a bottle of wine, on the back stoop of our house one beautiful fall evening. We talked about how much we love our life and our home and what we have turned it into. We talked about how our friends and family ask us for advice or help on a myriad of things life and style related. We started dreaming of a life where we were blessed to work together, doing what we love. The idea that we could create a business with our knowledge and skills doing something we are passionate about which would help people improve the quality of their lives was extremely enticing! Over the next couple of months we started putting the pieces together. We thought about the services we would offer, how we would spread the word, and the amount of work it was going to take to get this idea to come to life. The more we thought, talked, and did, the more excited we became. We designed our logo, business cards followed, and that was it, the decision was made - we are really doing it! We started slowly sharing the news with friends and family and soon we had our first client. We had so much fun working together on that first project that we are never turning back - and that is how our dream became our reality and Life Styled was born.


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