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About Us

GoffWilson is a valuable partner to businesses operating in an increasingly global world. Our experienced attorneys solely practice immigration and bring unrivaled experience in the navigation of today’s complex and ever-changing immigration laws and the development of sound employment strategies for foreign-born workers. We service a diverse range of businesses in fields such as high tech, healthcare, higher education, and manufacturing, as well as startups and entrepreneurial efforts.
Whether a large multinational corporation or a family-owned business, GoffWilson immigration services assists businesses like yours find and keep top talent from anywhere in the world and we work hand-in-hand with business to secure essential employees through pathways such as:

· H visas
· L visas
· O visas
· E visa
· Investor visas
· Green cards (permanent residency) for employees

GoffWilson has been voted “Best Immigration Lawyers in America” for 15+ years. The firm has earned a reputation for detailed, attentive, personalized service focused on the diligence we provide while guiding our clients through the immigration process.
GoffWilson is also a leader in I-9 compliance and provides a vital service to businesses with a global workforce. Our comprehensive I-9 audits ensure businesses avoid running afoul of regulations and incurring costly fines, while our training and seminars help businesses build best practices for managing I-9 compliance internally.

At GoffWilson, immigration isn’t just what we do, it’s our passion—put it to work for your business.

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