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Executive Assistant

Posted: 05/06/2022

RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide exceptional service to our customers by adhering to all service standards. Look for and capitalize on opportunities to continually expand the Bank’s relationship with each and every customer. Provide outstanding internal service and be a valued, supportive team member to all fellow associates. To adhere to all Bank policies and procedures.
• Coordinate and manage corporate governance tasks, meetings, materials, documentation, and policies.
• Support management in ensuring that the Bank (and MHC) complies with its articles, bylaws, and committee charters.
• Coordinate and manage communication and information with the bank’s Board of Directors, including the administration of “Boardpaq”, the bank’s online board communication software.
• Continue to foster a strong, trusting and lasting relationship with our current and future Board members.
• Take and prepare detailed confidential corporate and committee meeting minutes as required.
• Represent the president by welcoming visitors, reviewing correspondence; answering questions and meeting requests directed to the president
• Maintain effective communication and serve as intermediary for President by transmitting oral and written requests, messages and instructions as needed.
• Meeting scheduling and management of Executive’s schedule; appointments; telephone duties; and travel scheduling.
• Maintain and organize the president’s confidential files
• Prepare letters, agendas, memos, correspondence, reports, and other confidential documents as needed. Prepare power point presentations and other presentation materials. Review drafts and finished documents for proper grammatical usage.
• Arrange company dinners, the annual corporators meeting, and other corporate functions.
• Interact with local chambers of commerce, development agencies, solicitors, accountants, etc.
• Assist the president in business development; responsible for bringing in new customers.
• Explain, advise, and promote bank products and services to customers.
• Attempt to resolve issues and problems with customer’s accounts as directed by the president
• Screen and prioritize the president’s incoming mail for needed action and follow-up. Respond to mail where appropriate.
• Screen the president’s telephone calls and forward to the appropriate individual.
• Conduct research and data analysis for special and on-going projects. Prepare reports and recommendations on those items.
• Coordinate ordering of department supplies as needed.
• Serve as general support for Accounting/Finance department including assisting with providing information to outside vendors, examiners and auditors, as needed.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field preferred with 2 or more years’ experience. Banking experience is a plus.
• Demonstrated administrative skills; strong organizational and time management skills; detail oriented and flexible.
• Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills, strong coworker interaction skills.
• Ability to handle varied work requirements; strong ability to multi-task.
• Position requires strong computer skills for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
• Requires a passion to be resourceful and willingness to learn new tasks, and ability to take initiative to manage and meet deadlines.

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